ZING (Grubbin Flubbin written GrubZing) is a Boston Series with 2 Shows that is violent. It appeared in all 2 Shows of School and the Backyard Gang, as well as the 1964 BYG Playhouse "Channel Chasers".

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This Show is a Parody of PBS Kids show ZOOM. It is a Educational Show with the ZINGers, a parody of the ZOOMers. And they like to say Grubbin Flubbin, a parody of Ubbi Dubbi and also Granny Bollee, a parody of Fannee Doolee.

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  • Zing Zoomer
  • Zing Game
  • Zing Playhouse
  • Cafe Zing
  • Zing Sci
  • Zing Do

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  • One ZINGer (Rachel who plays Kami in 1962 and 1963) resembles Rachel the ZOOMer from Seasons 3 and 4 with her Same Shirt from Season 3
  • Channel Chasers was made 35 years before ZOOM
  • to Resembling the 1970's and 1999 and 2000's Shows, PBS Kids. The Network that showed ZOOM, also created the ZING scenes of School and the Backyard Gang both 60's and 90's
  • ZOOM was a Parody of School and the Backyard Gang
  • Annie wears the same shirt Aline wears in Season 4
  • Alisa Besher was a Cast Member of Season 4 of the Reboot