School and the Backyard Gang 60's's 6th Season premired on April 10 1967

Season Plot Edit

The Show's 6th season features changes to the set. The Season teaches Sleep, and Self- Essestem, and makes trips to the doctor, the zoo, and a planitarium easier.

Connie Stevens retired during the Season Taping, this does not return to play "Connie". She is replaced by Bob Fretz

This is the first time the BYG Crew made the backyard gang's names heard before the roll call at the Beginning of the Theme Song.

Set Changes Edit

  • Kelly takes up residence next door to Wendlla Pwendlla School
  • Steve, now wears glasses's house is near Kelly's and Wendlla Pwendlla School
  • Maddie and Addie's House is seen next to the Treehouse
  • Caroline's House is seen near the Side of Kelly and Steve's Houses and School
  • A Treehouse is added neer the Playround. Where the backyard gang plays during School.
  • Other additions are Anthony's House and Bob's Apartment

CBS built Kelly's House, Steve's House, and the Treehouse

Production Edit

The Show was set in Boston Massachutus. Taping began in January 4 1967.

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 601- Anansi
  • Episode 602- Marco Polo's Song
  • Episode 603- The Green Grass Grows
  • Episode 604- Welcome to the Circus
  • Episode 605- Let Her Dream
  • Episode 606- Cambodian Umbrellas
  • Episode 607- BYG Mail
  • Episode 608- Clowns
  • Episode 609- Reed Flutes
  • Episode 610- Pop goes the Weasel
  • Episode 611- Think...
  • Episode 612- Round the Mountain

Cast Edit

  • Caroline Lopez
  • Maddie Thompson
  • Addie Thompson
  • Steve Jobs
  • Anthony Field
  • Kelly Vrooman
  • Robert "Bob" Lewis Fretz