School and the Backyard Gang's Season 3 aired in 1998

Season Plot Edit

Season 3 teaches about Self-Etessem. Naura Pole (BYG Crew member) joined the cast since the Reunion Episode, and she is staying. Norah Jenkins told TFK "Typhus is a Grown-Up Sickness, and we refuse for Kids to catch it.". Season 3 also teaches Nursery Rhymes

Cast Edit

  • Justin Bieber
  • Lexine Bondoc
  • Sarah Rose
  • Naura Pole
  • Alisa Besher
  • Patrick Patterson
  • Mike Jamrocz

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Trivia Edit

  • First Season where the backyard gang dosen't say "Thanks" after the funding credits

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Previous Season: Season 2 (1997)

Next Season: Season 4 (1999)