BYG 60's' 2nd Season premired Febuary 11 1963 and ended May 20 1963.

Emily, Rachel, and Annie

Emily Rachel and Annie (L-R: Annie, Rachel, Emily)

220px-Whiz Kids Cast

The "Whiz Kids" L-R (Jamal, David, Rachel, Emmi, and Shing-Ying)

Trivia Edit

  • Rachel Don and Shing-Ying retired after this season, but... Buzz, Emmi, Jamal, Annie, Sarah, Connie, David, lesha, Nicky, Miles, and Emily stayed for Season 3. And will be joined by Antonio, Addie and Maddie, Steve, Kenny, Marlee, Joe, Kelly, and Aline.

Cast Edit

  • Annie Douglas
  • Buzz Watkins
  • Connie Stevens
  • David Luther
  • Em Morton
  • Emily Teders
  • Jamal Long
  • Lesha Couric
  • Murray Mason
  • Miles Henderson
  • Nicky Anderson
  • Rachel Riddle
  • Shing Yao
  • Sarah Smith

Sources Edit

  • Previous Season: Season 1
  • Next Season: Season 3