School and the Backyard Gang Season 2 aired in April 19 1997 and ended December 17 1997

Mike Tony and Britney

Mike Paul and Britney

Cast Edit

  • Britney Spears
  • Mike Jamrosz
  • Paul Michael Levesque
  • Gaby Douglas
  • Maria Sheridan
  • Steve Roach
  • Sarah Rose
  • Nicholas "Nick/Nicky" Andreasen (One Episode Only)
  • Simon Pryce (One Episode Only)
  • William "Billy/Johnny" Gordon (One Episode Only)
  • Monique "Ruby" Bothleo (One Episode Only)
  • Gabrielle Margas (One Episode Only)

Segments Edit

Format Edit

From Season 1, the Format was about the same stuff from Season 2.

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 201-
  • Episode 202-
  • Episode 203- the Cast has a singalong
  • Episode 204-
  • Episode 205- Farmer LeBlanc shows everyone how to plant the fields
  • Episode 206- Everyone has a different talent
  • Episode 207- The Gang learns about weather
  • Episode 208- Gabi makes animal tracks
  • Episode 209- Tony gets glasses, but when Mike and Sarah don’t like them, Gabi and Chuck tell them that it’s not nice
  • Episode 210- Sarah and Mike are afraid of a storm
  • Episode 211- BYG and make a wish team up to make a 12 year old boy battling cancer become a Backyard Gang member
  • Episode 212- discover the wonders of water from the ocean to the bathtub
  • Episode 213- Gabi paints colors, whenTony accidentally steps on them
  • Episode 214- the cast wants to form a band (Guest Stars include Smoochy)
  • Episode 215- Mike wants to be little (Guest Stars include Jem)
  • Episode 216- After hearing Gabi is kidnapped by the ingrin, Sarah and Chuck go find her (GUests: Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • Episode 217- the cast learns new numbers (GUests: Neon Indian)
  • Episode 218- the cast hosts a reunion episode featuring Season 1 (GUests: Johnny Depp, Simon Pryce, Gabrielle Margas, Ruby Bothleo, and Nicky Andreasen)
  • Episode 219- the cast dresses up in different outfits (
  • Episode 220- The cast learns about good hygiene (GUests: Christian Slater and Michelle Obama)

Trivia Edit

  • The First season for Libby's Juicy Juice to fund School and the backyard gang
  • First Season where The Natinol Science Foundation doesn't fund School and the Backyard Gang
  • The Funding is the Corparation for Public Brodcastimg, Juicy Juice, CTW (Children's Television Workshop), and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation
  • Elmo (Kevin Clash) actually appeared because of Sarah Rose's 7th Birthday
  • Paul, Steve, Gabi, Brittney, and Maria left after S2. Michael and Sarah stayed

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Previous Season: Season 1 (1996)

Next Season: Season 3 (1998)