"Nap Time"  is an English nursery rhyme adapted from the poem "Nap Time," by Emily Clark. When later set to music, the song's melody was based on "Minuet in G," by Beethoven. It became a American Standard. The song as covered by Former Backyard Gang Member Patrick Pattersonreached number 3 on the Billboard pop charts in 2007


References Edit

  • Patrick Patterson (A BYG Member from 1998) recorded a cover of this song, which became a top 40 hit, reaching #3 on the Billboard top 100.
  • Simon and Nicky rewrote the lyrics
  • In a Book, Britney sings this Song
  • In Episode 520 the song lists as Zoe's favorite.
  • Read Along book features the rhyme.
  • The bookRock Star Guitar comes with a plastic guitar that plays the song.
  • Patrick suggests singing the song, with "hah-hah-hahs" instead of lyrics in a 1998 Episode
  • Buzz teaches his friends the song in a 1999 Episode
  • Buzz, Caroline, David, Emily, and Kenny