Magical Day is a 1967 School and the Backyard Gangeinteractive home video released for the View-Master Interactive Vision video game system. The system came with a simple controller which included a joystick and three colorful buttons.

Official PlotEdit

Listen to Music by Mozart and Bach as you help your Baby press Buttons to make Magic. [1]


  • Piano Sonata no 15 (Mozart) The player is asked to press the red button to sort the Elephant Shapes and the Blue Button to sort the Car Shapes
  • Allegro Moderto (Mozart) the player can use the Green Button to play the Tune after it ends
  • Concerto for Flute and Harp (Mozart) The Player uses the Green Button to Bang Cymbals for the Monkey
  • Sonata for 2 Pianos (Mozart) The player can use any color buttons to get different random animations to appear during the segment (e.g. a cow jumping over a moon, a crab underwater, etc.).
  • Sonata for Flute and Keyboard (Bach) The White Button makes Kids magically jump to the Music by pressing it
  • Bradenburg Concerto no 6: Allegro (Bach) The Player can hit the Red Button when Cars are on Screen and the Blue Button when Playful Critters is on Screen
  • Finale: Canon (Bach)