Lily Lemon Pie is a TV Show that appeared in the 1964 BYG Playhouse "Channel Chasers"

Plot Edit

This Show is a Parody of Strawberry Shortcake, a character who Debuted in 1979. This Show is about a Girl named Lily Lemon Pie (Marlee), a Parody of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends include Carlos Cookie (Antonio), a Parody of Huckleberry Pie, and her dog Pop Tart, A Parody of Pupcake and the Dog has a Strawberry Nose that Marlee as Lily bit. The Masked Guy fell on a TV and he landed into the World of Lily Lemon Pie. The Masked Guy saw Lily Lemon Pie and her friends; Taylor TV (Kelly), Bella Banana (Aline), Cara Cupcake (Emily), Pop Tart (Steve), and Carlos Cookie (Antonio). Lily Lemon Pie (Portrayed by Marlee) asked the Masked Man if he was Licorice before Eating him, The Masked Guy wanted to Kill the Whole Cast by Sticking out a Candy Cane saying "Stand Back you Frosted Flakes".