Just One Person is a Song Sung in many School and the Backyard Gang Episodes.

It is from Snoopy the Musical by Peanuts

Appearances Edit

  1. Kelly sings this to Aline, Steve, Maddie, Addie, Caroline, and Connie in 520
  2. In Christmas (1996), Gabrielle sings this Song
  3. In Children's Songs and Fingerplays, Nicky, Miles, lesha, and Marlee sing this song (1964) from Season 3
  4. In Sing Yourself Silly (1966), of Season 5, Kelly sings to Aline with David, Annie, Murray, lesha, Connie, Steve, Maddie and Addie, and Caroline
  5. In School and the Backyard Gang Live, Lexine, Alisa, Patrick, Mike, Justin, and Sarah sang to Naura
  6. the Backyard Gang sings this in Season 1 (1962)
  7. In Season 4 (1965), Caroline sings this also in Chineese and Spanish
  8. In Episode 339, Naura sings this
  9. In the Season 2 Reunion, Ella, Naura, Matthew, and Mike sang this
  10. Anthony sang this when he and Sally reunited in Season 5
  11. Justin sings this to the Audience
  12. Aline sings this in a Season 3 Episode
  13. Emmi, lesha, Connie, David, and Jamal sing in a Season 2 Episode to Rachel on her Birthday