Jerome Horwitz II (born May 18 1986) is a former BYGster from the 4th season of the 1996 revived version of the CBS show "BYG".

Pets Edit

I have three dogs named Buster Jack and Melvin, and i taught Melvin to dance like a ballerina! But, I would be really embarrassed to do a ballerina act myself! I do a mean moonwalk into English class, though. Niiiice.

Great Adventure Edit

Liked it when we went to Walt Disney World for a Adventure. We learned about the Rides and Buzz and Caroline went on "Splash Mountain", Alisa baked some Orange Snow Cream, and we went for a Dip in our Hotel Pool. After swabbing the Theme Park. Sarah, Lexine, and Kenny calculated it's Measurment

School Subjects Edit

At School, I Like Spanish Math and Science

My Family Edit

I have a Mom and a Dad (My Mom was a Cheerleader) and one Younger sister. 

Food Edit

My Favorite Food is Squid

What? Edit

Ask Me a question, and i might answer you in Spanish, German, or sign language! But do i know how to speak cat?

Passport Me Do Edit

I wanted to visit Thailand ever since first grade. I hear they have noodles and dumplings on the menu over there – so I approve. Bring me back some take-out, would ya

What Bugs me About my Pets? Edit

I get annoyed when people trail off in the middle of their sentences. I know, that really... What? Oh, sorry!

What i have that Everybody needs Edit

I have a Lampsade of Myself i got on Ebay.

My Future Career Edit

Opera Singer

Outfits Edit

Season 4 Edit

In Season 4, Isaac wore a Blue Shirt

Trivia Edit

  • Isaac Mirror played Mr. Krupp in the 2017 Film, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

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