School Et La Arire Cour (French) Edit

  • Jaques appeared in a Season 6 Say Chese Photo

Madrasa W Hal (Arabian) Edit

  • other Internatinol Characters appeared on the Show

Tikkibilla W Hal (India) Edit

  • The Adventures of Lora and David appeared
  • Season 3's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was with Woody and Chamiki

Hikayat W Hal (Egypt) Edit

  • a Season 5 Say Chese Photo had an appearance with Fifi
  • Season 3 featured Sebastian

Gali Gali W Hal (Jordan) Edit

  • The Reboot had Marlee

Jalan W Patio Pandillo (Kuwait) Edit

  • Addie is a Main Character
  • Lola and Hamm appeared in a Season 7 Say Chese photo

Escuela la el Patio Pandilla (Spanish) Edit

  • Sebastian and Aid apppeared in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1964

Lecole I Ani Backyard Gang (Hebrew) Edit

  • David (Hebrew) appeared on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in 1964
  • Kelly and Rachel are New Cast Members