Frankie Murz is a Kid who appeared on BYG in it's 5th Season

Outfits he wore on BYG Edit

Season 5 Edit

Frankie wore a Red Short with a Gray Stripe and a Mini Orange Stripe

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  • Frankie, Kaleigh, and Aspen were announced here:

DENVER, Nov. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- School and the Backyard Gang announced today the birth of triplets: Aspen Clark: 4, Kaleigh Cronin: 10, and Frankie Murz: 3. Frankie Murz is a one-of-a-kind kid who was born in January 7 1996 set to be a Only child living in Richmond, Virginia at 5404 Kingsbury Road

He has a Cat named Gilbert. The soon to be 4-Year Old's Nickname is "Frankie-ankie-anki-kins"

"Frankie also likes to watch TV alongside Sarah," Julie Aigner-Clark, founder of BYG, said. "He likes Music." 

Murz also includes nature photography by award-winning photographer J. D. Marston in his Bedroom. And considers a Good Friend. "We included beautiful, quality photography because he dosen't often see those in children's books. And it's wonderful to be able to expose Frankie to artistic snapshots of the brilliant world around him," Aigner-Clark said. "These are images that Frankie's parents can truly appreciate with Frankie."  Frankie essentially reads Birthday Cards to soon be shown online and follows a sequence of steps designed to reinforce learning. A word, like cat, is taught to him by other Backyard Gang Members, lovable, whimsical kids who are the 7 stars of the show. The printed word appears on the screen and Frankie reads it. A cat appears in graphic form, then in live video while a poem about cats is recited in the background. The video also includes entertaining interludes with real-world objects, amusing professional puppetry, the music of Mozart Bach and Beethoven and silly sound effects.

The Upcoming Sesson, which is sold as a set, can be used together or separately. Like all products created by BYG, Season 5 is designed for parents to use with their children. Says Aigner-Clark, "By pointing out objects and associating them with words, parents are working with their child to build a vocabulary." 

Kaleigh Cronin, is a Girl with the Nickname Ms. Cleo. She has a 6 year old Sister, too. Kaleigh has a Family that loves to Sing: She raises money for Breast Cancer.  "She's incredibly dynamic," Aigner-Clark said.  The last of the newest trio, Aspen Clark, has no Nickname. "She has a Cat. And has a 1-Year Old Sister. She's very interactive." 

These 3 Kids are going to be on Season 5, welcome them in October 2000. Or call (800) 793-1454. 

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