BYG(1996-2000)/School and the Backyard Gang (1962-1968) Edit

  • Connie Stevens appeared in Episode 112 in a Interview with Gabrielle Margas
  • Connie Stevens, Miles Clark, Kelly Vrooman, John Vassar, Iesha Couric, and Bob Fretz appeared on Episode 402
  • Sally Ann and Anthony Field appeared in Episode 504

Others Edit

  • Naura Pole and Justin Bieber appear in the Credits of Baby Einstein's Baby Mozart
  • Gabrielle Margas/Gaby Margas appeared in 2 Baby Einstein Videos; Baby Shakespeare and Baby Santa's Music Box
  • Backyard Gang Member Britney Spears appears in a Few Episodes as a Mousketeer on "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" before she was cast on Season 2 of School and the Backyard Gang
  • Justin Timberlake, Christina Augliera, and Ryan Gosling appear in a Season 2 Episode
  • Simon, Gabrielle, and Gabi appear on Full House
  • The Cast of School and the Backyard Gang and Full House appear together in the TV special Out to Lunch.
  • The Season 4 Cast appears in The Cosby Show episode "Isaac's Nightmare."
  • Aline, Buzz, Caroline, David, Emily, Kenny, and Rachel appear in the End of the Muppet Movie
  • For the UK's Comic Relief charity telethon in 1991, Bella Match and Clint from Teen Kid appear.
  • Sarah Mike and Gabi appear on a Episode of Henson Show Big Bag
  • Mike and Lexine appear on the Finale of Soul Man
  • Gabrielle, Simon, Nicky, and Johnny appear on Reading Rainbow
  • Marvel Characters Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor on Season 4
  • The Poky Little Puppy on Season 3
  • the Season 1 Cast appears alongside other children's television characters in the Video Kids for Character
  • Lexine, Buzz, Isaac, and Caroline appear on the West Wing
  • Tony, Chuck, Maria, Sarah, and Gaby appear on a Episode of Step by Step
  • Mike in Family Matters
  • Buzz, Kenny, Aspen, and Caroline in Evening at Pops
  • Buzz and Caroline on Blossom
  • Season 5 Cast on Boy Meets World
  • UK, Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss Characters Thidwick, Cat in the Hat, Horton, Wickershams, the Grinch. and Yertle the Turtle in "Birthday"