Aspen Clark is a BYG Member born 1995. She was in Season 5 (the Final Season)

Aspen Now

Aspen (Who she is Now)


Aspen (Who she is then)

"Hey, it's me! Your Friend Aspen" Edit

Website Quotes Edit

  • "Welcome to my Playroom"
  • "See my Q&A"
  • "Summer"
  • "Spring"
  • "Winter"
  • "Fall"
  • "That's my Dad's Piano"
  • "Dress Up!"
  • "Painting!"
  • "Let's play Earth Hour!"
  • "This is our Album"
  • "Let's Play!"
  • "Hey, it's me! Your Friend Aspen"
  • "Winter Games"
  • "I Love the Snow! Let's Play"
  • "Back to the Playroom! Yay!"
  • "Design your own Snowflake"
  • "Snowball Fight"
  • "We're Back"
  • "Back to the Backyard"
  • "Bike Ride!"
  • "Flower Growing"
  • "Spring Games"
  • "Summer Games"
  • "Have a Tea Party"
  • "Swimming"
  • "Build a Sandcastle"
  • "Fall Games"
  • "Play in the Leaves"

Trivia Edit

  • Jasmine, Frankie, and Aspen auditioned for Season 6, but they were picked. The Show was cancelled before the Season's Taping
  • Aspen replaced Alisa Besher when she left BYG due to Illness
  • The Only special she was on was "How we Became the Backyard Gang"
  • After BYG Ended, Aspen wore her Clothes from BYG in Baby Shakespeare and her Theme Song clothes during Baby Van Gogh.
  • Aspen was picked in 1998 because the News said "3 Year-Old to spend her Summer filming her Mom's TV Shows"
  • Aspen remains on the Show's Website. And she is picked for "Cast Websites"
  • It is Full Proof a Clip of Aspen on a Commercial is in "How we became the Backyard Gang"
  • Aspen appeared with Sterling Isaac and Sierra on a Clip of BYG
  • Aspen auditioned for Season 5 in 1999, but she was picked in 1998
  • Aspen married Brad Boller

Outfits on BYG Edit

Season 5 Edit

She wore a Blue Shirt. But in the Theme Song, she wore a Orange Shirt

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