A Dormir (Sleep) is a Escuala y el Patio Interior Pandilla video released in 2000 by Family Home Entertainment (FHE) and Artisan. The video compiles various segments related to sleep and nighttime.

In the video, Justin tries to sleep. 


  • Leer un Libro
  • Think Happy Thoughts (Justin and The Carpenters version)
  • Dreams (Season 3 version)
  • BYG Spidey- Spiderman (Frankie Murz) pretends he is on the moon.
  • Jingle- Justin Bieber: The Lullaby Song
  • BYG Playhouse- There's no such thing as Monsters
  • Hold Still (The Big Sleep version)
  • Song- P is for Pillow
  • Jingle- Isaac Mirror: Under your Blanket
  • Animation- a Girl thinks a Monster is doing the Cha Cha Cha outside her Window
  • Jingle- Kenny Yates: The Food Song
  • It's time to learn with Caroline- putting on Pajamas (from Aspen's New Bed)